50+ Digital

Digital confidence for older people

Update 14 March — this project has been postponed until the end of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Hackney Learning Together project ended January 2020. Our next digital inclusion project for older people is more ambitious. If you are 50 or over, please keep reading because this is for you, and it’s free.

Our primary focus is on mobile technology (phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets) that you bring yourself. We can provide tablets for session use by learners who don’t have their own device.

We have arranged a new base with good transport connections — Finsbury Park Trust, 225-229 Seven Sisters Rd, N4 2DA

50+ Digital at Finsbury Park

We offer two sessions every week — an open drop-in and a series of workshops and short courses.

The Friday afternoon Drop-in has already started. All the information you need is on page 50+ Digital Drop-in at Finsbury Park

50+ Digital at Dalston Lane Library

Starting 18 March at Dalston CLR James Library — a three-month Learning Together. Our approach to digital confidence will be similar to earlier Learning Together projects in Hackney, but will be open to all older people. It’s funded by Clarion Futures, so we will especially pleased to help older Clarion HA residents,

All the information you need is on page 50+ Digital, Learning Together at Dalston Library

How to keep in touch with 50+ Digital

  • We are developing a new website now.
  • Meanwhile, you can contact the 50+ Digital team
    • by email: hello@50plusDigital.org.uk
    • by phone: 07423 162019
  • You can find us in the meeting room of Finsbury Park Trust on Friday afternoons, 2 to 5 pm.