50+ Digital, Learning Together at Dalston Library

Entrance to Dalston CLR James Library

Senior citizens in the digital world

Update 14 March — this project has been postponed until the end of the COVID-19 crisis.

Join us in Dalston CLR James Library – 18 March to 10 June – 2 to 4 pm. Free for everybody aged 50+ – beginning to understand smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets. You can sign up now! Phone 07423 162019

Wednesday afternoons — 2 to 4 pm — 18 March until 10 June

Address and how to get there
What to bring for Learning Together
  • Your phone or tablet — if you have one — otherwise learn with one of our Android tablets.
Useful to know about Learning Together
  • It’s all free!
  • The library is wheelchair-accessible.
For more information, or to tell us you that you would like a place
  • Phone or text Rick on 07423 162019
  • Email to info@learningtogether.club