Wed 22 Jan at Hub67 – Learning Together, session 9

Senior citizens learning about the digital world

  • Answering more of your questions.

On your menu

  • Apps for health and wellbeing
  • Finding information on the World Wide Web
  • Internet privacy & security
  • How to install an app
  • How to delete an app
  • Plus: your queries and interests

On your previous menu

  • Buying a new phone – printout of the latest recommendations from Which Magazine
  • How to register with the BBC
  • Volume controls on your device
  • How to manage and delete apps
  • Powerpoint presentation on your device
  • Using GSuite Meet to include people at home in our community centre workshops

Some web links

  1. Wikipedia —
  2. Hackney Council —
  3. Transport for London —
  4. Centre for Ageing Better —